Start & Get First 50 Customers for your Digital Course

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Do you want to sell your courses online?

  • How to use different platforms that can get you the first 10-20 customers for your online course?
  • Typical challenges you will face and best practices to address them? 
  • How to attract the first 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel?
  • You have launched an online course but aren’t getting the results you expected?    
  • Want to implement simple & budget-friendly ways to market your course digitally?

  • This 
    course offers you simple & practical growth hacks to sell your digital course successfully.

What is the course about?

  • What you will gain from the course
  • Explore different platforms to attract the first set of students 
  • Course Pricing strategy & tactics forr competitive pricing 
  • Simple & Affordable digital marketing techniques to get 50 students
  • Organic marketing tips to attract the first 1000 followers to your social media platforms  
  • Content analysis optimization secrets for creating engaging content

Start & Get first 50 students for your digital course

  • 3.5+ hours on-demand video 
  • 9 learning modules
  • A course by 5 successful EdTech entrepreneurs & experts
  • Full access for 1 year 

Learn the secret sauce used by industry experts & entrepreneurs to market your digital courses


Average Rating


Entrepreneurs benefited till date

"Wish I started Earlier"
Rakesh Chauhan (Wellness Trainer)

"Launched my first course"
Ambekar Dewan (Academic Tutor)

"Prepared a fail-proof marketing strategy"
Deepti Mehta (Freelancer)

iVyoma's Panel of Successful Online Course experts &  Entrepreneurs

Aman Sharma

  • Legend Online Educator at Unacademy with Highest Course Sale. 
  • Founder of Study-IAS with more than 4.5L+ Subscribers. 

Amit Rohra

  • Personal Branding Guru at Vedantu with 1L+ Following
  • Has more than 10+ years of experience

Malya Rastogi

  • Has taught 12,000+ Students.
  • Master in creating course curriculums for Top Ed-Tech Platforms.

Anuj Agrawal 

  • Digital marketing expert with 10+ leading global clients  
  • Bachelor's from prestigious technology institute IIT Kharagpur

Manish Mehta

  • Certified Udemy expert with courses selling in 170+ countries.  
  • 5 Lacs+ social media views. 

Who is this course for 

  • Educators/Tutors/Music teachers 
  • Entrepreneurs/Self-employed Professionals 
  • Corporate Trainers/Soft skills Trainers 
  • Digital Marketing Experts/Consultants 
  • Fitness Trainers/Wellness Experts

  • Anyone who wants to start getting paid for their content and expertise!  
  • Anyone who has never created an online course, but really wants to!  
  • Anyone who’s created an online course that hasn’t succeeded as expected! 
  • Anyone who believes they have  the expertise to share with others!

Start & Get first 50 customers for your digital course

  • 3.5+ hours on-demand video 
  • 9 learning modules
  • A course by 5 successful  entrepreneurs & experts 
  • Full access for 1 year 

Course Content

What you'll learn

Start your own online tutoring business confidently & effectively

Set competitive pricing for your digital course 

Learn affordable social media promotional tips to attract more students

Explore emerging online coaching platforms to get your first 50+ students

Learn how to do content auditing & content optimization

Create an awesome online personal brand as an educator

Entrepreneurs who have used this course have the following to say

Course planning & Content performance

Hi, I am from Delhi.  

I want to start my own online tuition business to get some idea about this industry. I got to know about proper planning of courses, how you should organize your data, how to meet parents’ expectations, to understand their perspectives, etc. The roadmap to go from 0 to 500+ students in 15 months was amazing.  

Thanks, iVyoma.
Kamal Kishor Gupta 

Building your Niche

Hi, I am from Nurshingpur.

For my start-up, I wanted to get ideas about this field. I learned some useful tips to create our USP around student engagement. Classes should be more structured, teachers should be disciplined, & always do follow-up with your students. Got ideas about different marketing strategies and platforms to reach out to more students.

Thanks to iVyoma.

 Devansh Lunawat

Online Growth Tips

Hi, I am from Chennai,

I was a freelancer & now want to start my own online classes. I learned the use of different technical tools and their features, how to create courses online and how to market yourself, etc.  I felt very motivated & helped me understand the importance of online coaching in the present scenario.  

Thank You iVyoma for the amazing platform for beginners.

M. Visweswaran

Start & Get first 50 students for your digital course

  • 3.5+ hours on-demand video 
  • 9 learning modules 
  • A course by 5 successful EdTech entrepreneurs & experts 
  • Full access for 1 year   
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