Start & Get first 50 Clients as a Fitness Trainer/Coach

Success Mantras of Successful Fitness Entrepreneurs

What you will gain from the course?

*  Identifying your niche & attracting  the first 10 clients

* Simple & Affordable digital marketing techniques to get 50+clients

* Organic marketing tips to attract the first 1000 followers to your social media platforms  

* Customer relationship management strategy to retain clients

Start & Get first 50 Clients as a Fitness Trainer

₹9̶9̶9̶ ₹499

One-time fee

  • 2 plus hours of on-demand video 
  • Full access for 1 year 
  • Created by 4 industry experts
  • Certificate of completion

At the end of the course

You'll learn

Ways to build a Unique Mindset that will help you become a successful fitness professional 

Tips & methods of digital organic marketing

Different strategies that will help you reach out to potential clients

How to use facebook & instagram to promote your online fitness business

How to identify your Niches & build Business Proposition around that niche

Strategies & Processes to retain customers & build customer relationship management

Course Curriculum

Who is this for

Aspiring Fitness Trainers/Personal Coaches

  • College students 
  • Working professionals 
  • People looking for career as a Fitness trainer

Existing Fitness Trainers/Personal Coaches

  • Having low number of clients
  • Want to increase customer engagement & retention
  • Build long lasting relations with clients 
  • Want to  learn basics of digital marketing to boost their client count

Start & Get first 50 Clients as a Fitness Trainer

₹9̶9̶9̶ ₹499

One-time fee

  • 2 plus hours on-demand video 
  •  Full access for 1 year  
  • Created by 4 industry experts
  • Certificate of completionof 

iVyoma's Panel of Successful Online educators

Akshay Kumar

  • ISSA Certified Nutrition Coachand has a total experience of 7 years.
  • Coached 2500+ people around the globe
  • Co-founder of FITTR which is one of the largest fitness marketplace
  • Owner OF STUD GYM located in Ranchi.

Mohseen Khan

  •  American council of exercise (ACE) certified
  • 6 years of experience he has trained more than 5000 plus individuals
  • Calisthenic athlete & bodyweight training specialist

Shalini Kumari

  • Shalini has 6 years of expertise in digital marketing & branding
  • She is currently working as a digital marketing manager at interior design firm
  • Her specialization is in the area of organic marketing.

 Anuj Agrawal 

  • Digital Marketing expert advising leading global clients  
  • Founding member of startup College Bhaiya 
  • Bachelor's from prestigious technology institute IIT kharagpur
" I wanted to start my fitness coaching plan & program. I needed some guidance which is why I registered for this program. The program shared many tips about marketing, but the most important was best way to market yourself is by giving results to your clients. Apart from that, you can use word of mouth, make your own instagram ad/ facebook ad, create good content etc. It helped me in creating my fitness plan & program"

Rahul Kumar , Orissa
" I am from Raigarh District.  Iam doing online courses and wants to sell those courses in social media.  I rate iVyoma program 8 out of 10. I liked it a lot. Program discussed about growth opportunities, roadmap to get more clients, use of social media to promote your business, create impactful content in social media to promote your business etc.  These best practices & points were very helpful.  I will definitely try to implement these inputs in my business."
Yaseen Dosani , Raigarh
I am a freelance fitness trainer. I joined their program to know how to promote online courses, how to do online marketing in different online platforms. Instructor discussed different marketing tools and strategies which was very helpful. I learned to create a niche audience and particularly focus on them for better results. Rated our iVyoma program 9 out of 10.

Aravind Kumar, Chennai

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Start & Get first 50 Clients as a Fitness Trainer

₹9̶9̶9̶ ₹499

One-time fee

  • 2 plus hours on-demand video 
  • Full access for 1 year  
  • Created by 4 industry experts
  • Certificate of completion

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