Story behind the Name.

Our Brand

iVyoma is a brainchild of two IITians, who wanted to strengthen mass entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. It is the combination of two Hindi words Vyapari and Oma, which suggests a flourishing business person.  
 We believe that an entrepreneur with a vision has a subtle determination to change the world, 'iVyoma' helps entrepreneurs overcome challenges they face along the way, tap into their own unique strengths and transform themselves from budding to flourishing entrepreneurs.

Firepath Technologies Private Limited

Our Company

An entrepreneur’s journey is full of obstacles, learning how to navigate these obstacles, is a journey in itself, but it is also the key to finding success. Sometimes these challenges are easier to navigate but sometimes these obstacles are harder to handle, which might lead to frustration and even giving up. Our name "Firepath Technologies" acknowledges these challenges that pave your way towards success.